Intuition By Design
School of Energetic & Healing Arts


Intuition by Design

 We believe in Simple


Simple is Powerful!

By shedding the unnecessary - time, money, and energy is gained.  These resources can then be dedicated to empowering you and your life.


True Personal Empowerment is simple, gentle, and offers choice.

After 20 years, we have completed thousands of readings and classes.  Whether for personal interest, to earn a Diploma or Certification program, or for health and healing sessions, every single person who has come through our doors has had one thing in common.  Each was seeking personal Empowerment.



Simple is Successful!

Without the limits imposed by everyday complications, success is simply without limits.


Whether it be through greater health and well-being, information and clarity, or development of professional skills. True personal empowerment is simple, gentle, and offers choice. The programs we offer are simple, gentle, and offer choice.  


Intuition by Design

A small, simple, and powerful learning center where we believe in you!

We believe that life is simple, and simple is powerful . We offer simple, easy to use information and tools designed to diminish chaos and enhance awareness, choice, & clarity. Thus, empowering you.  


Join us.  It’s simple.  

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